Opportunity to Participate in an IRB-Approved Research Study (Deadline Extended!)

Opportunity to Participate in an IRB-Approved Research Study
When: Ongoing as of Fall 2021
Where: Anywhere!
Points: 2 pts. (+ Car Phone Holder!)
Contact: Hyekang Joo, hkjoo@umd.edu.

In the United States, one of the leading causes of fatal vehicle accidents is distraction. According to the report filed by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2016, 6.2 percent and 2.5 percent of the fatal crashes were found to be caused by distraction and fatigue, respectively. In order to reduce the rate of vehicle accidents, in this research, we examine the extent to which distracted driving can be measured from facial expressions and body activity. In order to achieve it, we plan to collect the data on distracted drivers by having people simulate the distracted actions behind the wheel in a parked car (engine off!). In this regard, we need your help in obtaining this data. We are seeking participants who are at least 18 years old and have some driving experience. The research contribution, which should last 30 to 45 minutes, can be made anywhere, including your personal home, and those who contribute will be given a universal car phone holder in compensation, on top of 2 points for your service to the community! If interested in participating in the study, please fill out this survey for evaluating your eligibility: https://forms.gle/GtyLo3Y81fbc6nLw7.

UNIV362 Personal Finance Course Spring 2022!

When: Tuesdays 4:30-6:30pm (Section 0101)

Where: JMZ1120

Points: None

Contact: Your VP of Academic Enrichment, Laurel Dietrick (maryland.ald.academicenrichment@gmail.com) or Professor Ann Holmes (amholmes@umd.edu

Some of you may have recently attended our event, “Personal Finance in College” with Ann Holmes (or some of you weren’t so lucky as to attend). If you’re interested in learning more about personal finance from Professor Holmes or just want information on the topic, consider taking her course in the spring: UNIV362. This course will cover topics such as leveraging your strengths during job/graduate school interviews, budgeting for after graduation, wealth accumulation, benefits, and long term and late-life planning!

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Study: Police Brutality Against Black Americans Online

When: Ongoing

Where: ter.ps/psycbcsegc

Points: None

Contact: Madelyn Harris (mgharris@terpmail.umd.edu) My name is Madelyn Harris and I am a senior psychology major in the Psychology Honors Program at the University of Maryland. I am recruiting participants for my independent undergraduate honors thesis, which seeks to understand the experiences of Black college students who have viewed police brutality against Black Americans online. If you are eligible for the study, please consider participating, and please pass this information along to anyone who may be eligible to participate in the study, or who may be able to assist us with recruitment. Students are eligible for the 40-minute study if they are age 18 or older, an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park, and identify as Black and/or African American or as having Black and/or African American heritage. Participants will receive a $10 Amazon gift card for completing the survey.To complete survey and receive a $10 gift card, follow this link: ter.ps/psycbcsegc.

More Love Letters!

When: Now through Monday, 11/1/21


Points: 3 Letters = 1 Point

Contact: Hannah Merrifield, hannahmerrifield1@gmail.com More Love Letters allows you to send hand-written letters to individuals who are in need of a little extra love and support. Visit the website listed above (http://www.moreloveletters.com/) and select “The Letter Requests” in the top right corner. From there, you can select 3 individuals (or more) to write letters to and get a service point! This is the perfect opportunity to make people’s days brighter in a socially distanced way. Please send picture proof of letters to hannahmerrifield1@gmail.com by November 1st. Happy writing!

COVID-19 Packs for Central Union Mission

When: Saturday, 10/30/21 from 11am-12pm
Where: Pyon Su Room in Stamp
Points: 1 
Contact: Your Volunteerism Committee Member, Megan Chang (mchang16@umd.edu) Help create COVID-19 DonationPAKS for Central Union Mission! The Mission is a non-profit organization that serves homeless men, families living in poverty, children from at-risk neighborhoods and the growing Hispanic population in the DC Metro Area. Our goal is to create and deliver 100 packs with COVID-19 PPE that will be distributed to individuals in need.
Please RSVP by Thursday, Oct 28th at the following link: https://forms.gle/rn5oj4W6zPXdDYhF8

Pumpkin Painting

When: Tuesday, 10/26/21 at 6pm

Where: Art-Socyology Building, 3207

Points: 1

Contact: Your VP of Event Planning, Olivia Irby (maryland.ald.events@gmail.com) Do you need decorations for Halloween? Well ALD has got your back. At this event you can come and paint your own frightening pumpkin to decorate your door and really get the trick or treaters in a fright. We hope to see you there!!!

“Resume Dos and Don’ts” with Graduate Student Jeffrey Cho

When: Thursday, 10/7/21, 2021 at 5pm

Where: TBD

Points: 1

Contact: Your VP of Academic Enrichment, Laurel Dietrick (maryland.ald.academicenrichment@gmail.com

Jeffrey Cho is a graduate student who works directly with the Career Center at UMD. He has graciously agreed to talk to members about resumes and cover letters, but wants to know what you’d be most interested in hearing about! Please fill out this short google form so we can better prepare the event for early October! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdp-oUFQZ4Pwhj5QUedh6ft-Cmc6q6n9WVNavThwCAPzDyffg/viewform

UMD Wellness Workshops

Where:http://counseling.umd.edu/workshops/ for information about Zoom Links
When: Mondays-Thursdays from 4-5pm throughout the semester
Points: None
Contact:aasarch@umd.edu The Counseling Center invites you to check out our Wellness Workshops! These virtual drop-in workshops occur Mondays-Thursdays from 4-5pm throughout the semester. With 16 different topics to choose from, there is something for everyone!
The workshops are super accessible- no prior contact with the Counseling Center is needed to join. Just make sure you arrive within the first 15 minutes, as the workshop will close after that. Visit counseling.umd.edu/workshops/ for details about each workshop and the Zoom links.