New Members

  1. Why isn’t my email or password working when I try to apply to be a member?
    Make sure it’s the email that’s listed for you as a student, and we suggest that you copy and paste the password listed in the letter.
  2. Why should I join?
    Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) offers a lot of opportunities, including scholarships (Study Abroad, New Member, Graduate Fellowships, etc.), leadership experience, and lots of events where you can meet your fellow members. For more information please check out our Prospective Students page under About and feel free to email maryland.ald.student@gmail.com for more information.
  3. How are students chosen to be invited?
    You need a 3.5 GPA your first semester or first-year. As a transfer student, you need a 3.5 GPA your first semester.
  4. If I’m already a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, can I join ALD?
    Yes, please contact maryland.ald.student@gmail.com during our membership drive (early Spring or early Fall). Since you are already a member of one of the honor societies, you won’t have to pay the full membership fee in order to join.
  5. Is participation required for membership?
    You are not required to participate. In order to be eligible for honor cords at graduation, you will need an average of 3 points per semester, not including the semester you were inducted, as well as a GPA of 3.5 minimum.

Current Members

  1. How do I become eligible for honor cords?
    You need an average of 3 points per semester, not including the semester you were inducted. For example, if you were inducted in Spring 2014 and were planning to graduate in Spring 2017, you would need 18 points in order to graduate with honor cords. You also need a GPA of 3.5 minimum.
  2. Why is my number of points not correct?
    There are a lot of students involved in Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD), as well as a lot of events going on. We get point sheets sometimes late in the semester and it takes a while to put them into the system. When there are issues with points, we do keep electronic copies of all the sign-in sheets, so we are able to go back and see if we didn’t give you a point that you earned. Some events also use OrgSync to keep track of members points, which may take time to retrieve the information about who attended the events. To make it easier, we suggest that you keep a rough idea of what events you attended each semester. Please contact maryland.ald.student@gmail.com for point totals and with any questions.
  3. Why is it taking a while for Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) to get back to me via email?
    Our Student Assistant works twice a week and will promptly respond to emails on those days (Spring 2017: Tuesdays and Thursdays).