UNIV362 Personal Finance Course Spring 2022!

When: Tuesdays 4:30-6:30pm (Section 0101)

Where: JMZ1120

Points: None

Contact: Your VP of Academic Enrichment, Laurel Dietrick (maryland.ald.academicenrichment@gmail.com) or Professor Ann Holmes (amholmes@umd.edu

Some of you may have recently attended our event, “Personal Finance in College” with Ann Holmes (or some of you weren’t so lucky as to attend). If you’re interested in learning more about personal finance from Professor Holmes or just want information on the topic, consider taking her course in the spring: UNIV362. This course will cover topics such as leveraging your strengths during job/graduate school interviews, budgeting for after graduation, wealth accumulation, benefits, and long term and late-life planning!

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