Undergraduate Honors Thesis Study: Police Brutality Against Black Americans Online

When: Ongoing

Where: ter.ps/psycbcsegc

Points: None

Contact: Madelyn Harris (mgharris@terpmail.umd.edu) My name is Madelyn Harris and I am a senior psychology major in the Psychology Honors Program at the University of Maryland. I am recruiting participants for my independent undergraduate honors thesis, which seeks to understand the experiences of Black college students who have viewed police brutality against Black Americans online. If you are eligible for the study, please consider participating, and please pass this information along to anyone who may be eligible to participate in the study, or who may be able to assist us with recruitment. Students are eligible for the 40-minute study if they are age 18 or older, an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park, and identify as Black and/or African American or as having Black and/or African American heritage. Participants will receive a $10 Amazon gift card for completing the survey.To complete survey and receive a $10 gift card, follow this link: ter.ps/psycbcsegc.

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