“Successful Study Skills” with the Counseling Center

When: Tuesday, 9/28/21 from 4-5pm

Where: (RSVP to get the zoom link) https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAqduCupjwoGNe5d5bysbSQOctCuiS6aufi

Points: 1

Contact: Your VP of Academic Enrichment, Laurel Dietrick (maryland.ald.academicenrichment@gmail.com

Do you feel like you have less study time since we went back in-person for classes? Is it about time to start studying for your first midterms? Join ALD and the Counseling Center for a wellness workshop on “Successful Study Skills.” *When you attend the event, please add “ALD” to the end of your zoom name to get your attendance points.*

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