Online Opportunities for Points on ELMS!

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all on-campus volunteerism events for the semester have been cancelled. However, if you’ve still been able to volunteer in your community, we would like to give you points for your ongoing commitment to service. We will NOT give points to members who don’t practice social distancing while participating in service. Check ELMS for more details on how you can earn points for volunteering! Due by May 13th.
***It is not necessary to donate items/money to get points if you do not have the resources to do so, you can find other opportunities to earn points in the listservs as well as on our ELMS site.
Check out the Bucket List Activity on ELMS to see how you can earn a point! Your VP of Finance, Jenny, has created a bucket list of things to do during the quarantine, listed here:
Feel free to do these activities for fun, or for points! Please see the assignment in ELMS for details on how to earn one point.
If you post your pictures on social media, please tag us, we would love to see what our members are doing!
For all other types of volunteer activities, please send your name, UID, and proper documentation of the activity (including how long it was) to

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