Formal Etiquette Dinner

dinner 1

When: Monday, April 15th, 7:30-9:00 PM
Where: 1205 CCC
Points: 2 points
Contact: VP of Academic Enirchment, Becky Kaminsky (
Fee: $5

We’re back with the HIGHLY REQUESTED and much loved Etiquette Dinner for this Spring Semester! Get your heels and tie ready for our instructive and interactive Formal Etiquette Dinner with Noodles Catering! We are providing the full etiquette makeover filled with special tips, delicious food, and a professional atmosphere. Whether you’re dining with a recruiter, prospective business partner, or your boss of several years, you should always follow the rules of proper dinner etiquette. How you behave tells your host a lot about your character, professionalism, and social awareness. So let’s take your classiness to the test!

ONLY 30 SPOTS AVAILABLE. You have until Wednesday, April the 10th to submit this reservation form. If you make it to the reservation list, you will receive an e-mail confirming your spot.