Freedom School

When: Monday, March 11th from 5-8PM
Where: 701 Oglethorpe St. NW. Washington DC
Points: 3
Contact: Volunteerism Committee Member, Jevel Quinlan (

Volunteer with Kennedy Street Freedom School, an organization that provides an outlet for children to learn and have fun after school. Freedom School is an after-school enrichment program, that utilizes cheers and chants to create a positive environment for students to learn.Volunteers will participate in the different cheers and chants. Also, Freedom School separates the children into 3 levels: level 1, 2 and 3; so based on your assigned level, you will assist with whatever activity the children are doing. Ex. (reading with them, checking their work, etc.).

Last day to sign up is March 7th, 2019. We usually meet in stamp near Hoff Theater at 4:45PM, but more information will be sent out on the day of.

Please sign up on this link: