Honor Cord Signup for Seniors

Where: Google Form here, pickup locations TBA
When: Fill out the form between now and April 30th
Contact: maryland.ald.pes@gmail.com

If you are a senior graduating in May 2018 and have met the points and GPA requirement, please fill out the honor cord sign up sheet. Remember, you need at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA and at least 3 points per semester (excluding your induction semester). For further detail, please see the home page of our ELMS page.

Our advisors will check your points level and GPA at the end of April, so you have plenty of time to still earn last-minute points. We will notify you in early May if you are able to purchase cords and where to pick them up. We offer cords from ALD and cords from PES, and they are $10 each or $20 for both.