2017-2018 Executive Board Election Results

We are delighted to announce our Executive Board members for the 2017-2018 school year:

Co-Presidents: Jenn Drechsler and Kate Thomas
VP of Academic Affairs: Patience Timi
VP of Academic Enrichment: Becky Kaminsky
VP of Communications: Meredith McVadon
VP of Event Planning: Surya Radhakrishnan
VP of Finance: Katelyn Turner
VP of Membership: Jenna Klaverweiden
VP of Volunteerism: Jessica Sims

Please join us in congratulating our new executive board members! We are excited to have them on board for the upcoming school year. Thank you to all of our members who took the time to vote in our elections and participate in our events, and we hope that each of you will continue to contribute to the longstanding success of Primannum!