CONGRATULATIONS to 6 National Scholarship Winners!!

As you know, Primannum offers different scholarships based on your academic standing (see scholarship tab for more info).

Each scholarship has a local and national component with the local winners being selected in the Fall and being forwarded for consideration for nationals in the Spring.

This year, we have SIX national scholarship winners:

National Alpha Lambda Delta Jo Anne J. Trow (for sophomores) Winners:

Kevin Bock – $1,000

Hyunjae Kim – $1,000

National Alpha Lambda Delta James G. Stemler (for study abroad students) Winners:

Daniel Dvorak – $1,000

Samantha Bingaman – $1,000

National Phi Eta Sigma Helen. E. Clarke (for juniors) Winners:

Emily Schweich – $6,000 (!!!)

Jessica Liu – $1,000

Emily is only one of 36 candidates in the entire country to win the highly distinguished Phi Eta Sigma undergraduate award. A BIG Congrats and Thanks to all of our winners for representing our Maryland Chapter and taking home to gold!

We encourage all our current and incoming members to start applying to Primannum scholarships. The rewards can be absolutely amazing!